Custom Patterns for The Sims Medieval

Edit: 3/27/2011:  There is an excellent version of this tutorial on Sims3Cri.  It has better formatting and includes step-by-step instructions with pictures.  I commend it to all of you who are interested.

Now that The Sims Medieval (TSM) has  been out for a few days, mods are starting to appear for it.

Custom Patterns are one of the types of custom content that can be added without change.  However the categories that are available are different between The Sims 3 and The Sims Medeival. This works for patterns that are distributed as a .package file only.  There are many resources available to help you extract your pattern from a .sims3pack.  MTS is an obvious place to look for more information.

A fairly simple change to the pattern can put it back into the right category in the interface for TSM.  I’ll try to explain how below…

First, the category names that are recognized by TSM are :

“Old” “Fabric” “Weave_Wicker” “Plastic_Rubber” “Metal” “Miscellaneous” “Carpet_Rug” “Paint” “Wood” “Leather_Fur” “Masonry” “HiddenFromUser” “Rock_Stone”

of this list, “Fabrics” “Leather_Fur” “Carpet_Rug” “Wood” “Metal” “Weave_Wicker” “Paint” “Rock_Stone” “Masonry” and “Miscellaneous” are the only ones that show up as categories in the game.   “Old” and “HiddenFromUser” don’t appear at all.  “Plastic_Rubber” shows up in the Misc. category.

Changing a TS3 pattern to work in TSM is quite simple.  You do need the s3pe tool (get it here) to edit the package file.

Once you have opened your existing TS3 package in s3pe, look for a resource type of PTRN (0xD4D9FBE5) and click on it.  s3pe should now show a “Notepad” button.

When you click on “Notepad”, it will open up the resource for you to edit.  It is a simple XML format that should be self-evident.

Change the line with <category name=”xyz”> to have the correct name from the list above.  Then save and exit notepad.  S3pe will ask if you wish to commit the changes: say yes.

Finally, save the package and test it in TSM.   If your package shows up under Misc., you probably have the name= part wrong in the PTRN resource.
Thanks go to Srikandi from MTS for discovering that custom patterns do work in The Sims Medieval.

7 thoughts on “Custom Patterns for The Sims Medieval

    • The method for adding mods to TSM is much like the original method use with TS3. The resource.cfg file goes in the \program files\electronic arts\the sims medieval folder. Then you need to create your mods folder inside that folder as well.

      Take a look on MTS… There should be details there for how to set up the framework.

  1. Thanks for this great tutorial. I tested it and I think you missed a resource to edit. If there is a resource with
    TAG = XML
    Type = 0x0333406C
    you need to edit the category type here too or the pattern doesn’t show up in the game.

    • I was quite successful modifying just the pattern resource, but I agree. For completeness, be sure to make the two resources match as far as the category goes.

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